Tips for Post-Secondary Schooling

1: buy your books online at a site like slugbooks at least three weeks in advance.

prices at your university/college’s bookstore are ridiculous, and shipping takes a while. if the timing is not an option, buy books full price only if you can get a full refund, order your books online, and then return your official!books for the shipped!books

2: don’t buy food out.

in a month i spent close to $300 on food/coffee etc. a treat every now and again is fine, but prepare your food the night before or buy easily made food. its a pain, but its worth it

3: (for Canadians) opt into OSAP relief. for non-Canadians, there should be something similar

it’s a little known branch of financial aid that either frees you from paying interest on your school loans, or gives you a set interest fee by calculating your/whoever is paying your tuition’s income

4: if it’s an option, defer your first payment, and then save up until you can pay the minimum fee for your first semester/year.

it’s a huge amount of relief not to have to worry about that on top of choosing your courses, your campus, your commute, etc

5: keep a physical planner

there’s nothing like writing it down with a pen and paper to get me to remember stuff. putting it in my phone means i will absolutely forget it. it helps to see your course timetable, calculate your budget, and plan around other things, like a social life. this is the best one i found, and it’s only about $20.

6: dressing up can do wonders for you, but slumming it is good too

nobody cares. absolutely nobody cares how you look, so if it’s a pyjama day, it’s a pyjama day. unless, of course, you’re going to office hours/have an interview/meeting. then the professor/TA/other official will care

7: go to at least one damn office hour

your TA/professor will love it and remember you, which is good if you need advice about anything. even if you have nothing to say, go to an office hour and just talk about an assignment, your reading, whatever. it always always helps, i swear.

8: you will be stressed out, you won’t sleep as much as you should, but that’s ok

its fine, i swear. cry, talk to someone, rant, procrastinate a little, it won’t kill you. but if you feel like you’re falling apart, go to your mental health facility at your college/university. even if you don’t see anyone, somehow just being in the space feels like a hug

9: if you must skip something, skip a lecture, never a tutorial

its not worth it to skip either, but your tutorial has participation points that are half filled just by showing up. and usually, if you missed the lecture, you can bullshit your way through the tutorial by going ‘i agree’. look, you’re human. its ok.

10: don’t ever, ever, ever record your lectures, unless you’re superhuman

i never ever ever listen to recordings of my lectures. literally never. its a way to feel productive while not actually being productive. take notes, borrow someone’s notes, buy notes. just notes.

11: read your notes

i tell myself i’ll read my notes after every class, and i don’t. still, at some point during your week, read your notes. when exam time comes, that rereading is what i remember to help me

BONUS: read your notes out loud in a funny voice. you’ll get a laugh, and something about the ridiculousness helps you remember things too.

12: it’s totally fine to go to a lecture and start tumblring

or whatever other social media you’re involved in. just take a few notes, at least. i can multitask by splitting my screen. one half tumblr, one half notes. i usually write at least something down, and something is better than nothing

13: give yourself a break

do something fun once a week, where you’re not allowed to talk about school. have a study date, you will get something done, and you will also have fun. the ratio between them will be totally unequal, but mental health is important 

14: take classes you can actually sit through

makes everything easier. that’s not always an option, but sign up for something that’s not going to make you want to die.

15: talk to people in your lecture, on the couch next to you, in line beside you

that’s how you make friends. its easy, when everyone is bemoaning school. dont get intimidated. if the person’s a jerk, move on to someone else. they’re not all jerks

16: reward yourself for studying

i tell myself: ‘i’ll write my intro and give myself five minutes on tumblr’ it actually works.


The Secret History Genderswap:

And what could be more terrifying and beautiful, to souls like the Greeks or our own, than to lose control completely? To sing, to scream, to dance barefoot in the woods in the dead of night, with no more awareness of mortality than an animal!

it has occured to me that actually

im starting school next monday

i dont have books

i dont know where my classes are


now you have died and now you have come into being (for amy)

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Every morning, Luna’s mother did her daughter’s hair. Unlike the tidy ponies and intricate braids the other mothers gave their children, Luna’s mother would gently twist and curl and knot her daughter’s locks, turning straight into scraggly. “You are wild,” she would say when her work was complete, cupping her hands around Luna’s face. Luna could smell the sharp garlic beneath her mother’s fingernails. 

Luna would hoot-snarl for her then, like the Blibbering Humdingers did when they were feeling feisty, and her mother would laugh and scoot her towards the garden or the crumbly stone wall or the forest’s edge. They would adventure together, she and her mother, finding new finds and marveling at even the old ones. Luna would find bits of bark, twigs and leaves on her pillow - little hair stowaways from the day, the marvelous outside sneaking in.

The morning of the funeral, Luna stood waiting patiently for her father to come downstairs. This was a new and terrible discovery - she hadn’t known fathers cried. A well-meaning family friend had done Luna’s hair that morning, yanking a brush through to make it shiny smooth, before binding it all into a tight braid. 

It hurt - all of it. 

So Luna pulled, which also hurt, but it was good, too. Wispy tendrils tickled her neck, and stray curls reached in all directions. Frizz sprung and knots wound and her hair had bounce. Wild. Strange. Bold.

She saw her mother in the mirror once more.

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Egyptian Mermaid 

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Would that there were kings in Gondor, as there were once upon a time, they say! For it is said in old lore: The hands of the king are the hands of a healer. And so the rightful king could ever be known.

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♛ legendarium characters

Fingolfin (Y.T. 1190 - F.A. 456)

Having different mothers, Fingolfin and his older half-brother Fëanor never felt a close bond with each other. This lack of affinity developed into rivalry when Melkor secretly told each of them that the other was planning on driving them out of Tirion. During the days of the Two Trees in Valinor, as Melkor’s lies were taking their place in Noldor’s minds, people started thinking that the Valar were holding them back from going back to Cuiviénen. Fëanor was the first to speak against the Valar, and Finwë summoned all of the lords of his house to resolve the issue. As Fingolfin was contending with his father to restrain Fëanor, the latter arrived fully armed with weapons he had secretly forged. Even though Fingolfin accepted him as the older one, Fëanor threatened Fingolfin, who was unarmed, with his sword, after which Fingolfin bowed to Finwë and left, only to be followed by Fëanor and threatened again in public. After the escape of Melkor from Valinor, during the feast Manwë held for the reconciliation of the Eldar, Fingolfin publicly forgave Fëanor and called him "Half-brother in blood, full brother in heart". Nevertheless that was before their father died and the dreadful events on the journey to Middle-earth took place.

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im watching les mis for only the second time in my life and its the image of the flag in water and i am SO HYPED AND SO IN LOVE AND ASGHLJKHFJ

I’m back! I went shopping with @ileftmysoulintokyo! I bout a pantsuit with suspenders!

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